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Thom Ravnholdt is a costume designer and maker, pattern cutter, and a multi-skilled creative working in many media.

29 August 2012

Assistant Maker On 'Maleficent'

 August saw me working on the upcoming Disney blockbuster 'Maleficent', starring Angelina Jolie in the lead role as the evil fairy who casts the 100-year spell on Sleeping Beauty. It is scheduled for release in 2014.
 Although my payslips read 'leather worker', I was hired as costume making assistant to do a number of various jobs in the department that made Ms. Jolie's costumes exclusively. One day I was involved in shape wear and moulding, the next day killer heels, the next blocking and shaping leather over the Angelina dummy, and so forth. I got around the different departments, sewing, casting, modelling etc.
 It was a great opportunity and foot-in-the door experience for me, as well as incredibly long, intense hours. I learned loads, and I'm very keen to do more film work. 
 Image courtesy of Disney

18 August 2012

Tiny Dungarees for Mila

 My sister gave birth to my little new niece today, 18/08/12. I'm such a proud and happy uncle!
 I made her these cool denim dungarees, (not ordered by her mum months ago at all) though it will probably be a while before they will fit her, as she is one tiny girl. One thing is for sure though: she is going to be a right little dress-up doll with an uncle like me!