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Thom Ravnholdt is a costume designer and maker, pattern cutter, and a multi-skilled creative working in many media.

9 April 2012

Guest Teaching at AFUK

I was recently invited to be a guest teacher at AFUK (The Academy For Untamed Creativity) in Copenhagen for the last week of March. It was an incredibly interesting week, and I hope the students learned as much as I did. Having attended numerous art and design schools and courses in London and Copenhagen over the years, it was challenging and exciting to suddenly be the teacher, especially as I used to go to this school myself, back in 2003.

My week was spent with the 'Idea & Design' department, led by the lovely and inspiring Maria, Johan and Dorthe, and Rabbia doing work experience.
I introduced myself by talking about my life as a creative and a designer, while showing images of my work.

I had prepared a couple of assignments for them, as well as showing them films and images for inspiration. Every afternoon I gave an introduction to working with latex rubber, and some of the students made some fun and creative stuff over the week.

For the first two-day assignment, I asked them to bring an object for Monday morning. The task was then to make a cover, a bag or some sort of container for their chosen thing.

The second, three-day project was to make an object or a piece of clothing that could either collapse/fold up, or one that could be altered into something else.

It was incredibly satisfying to find myself in a situation where I could be an inspiration to other young creatives, and I would love to do something like this again.


  1. Hey Thom - We loved to have you in the class - and really enjoyed the good assignments and the introducing to latex-rubber thing! I hope we can do something together another time again! hugs from AFUK/ ide og design - in København

  2. Tak i lige måde! Det var en fantastisk uge, og jeg håber vi får mulighed for at gøre det igen en anden gang i fremtiden.

    :-) Thom