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15 August 2011

'Design A Hat For Stephen Jones' Competition

I decided (very last minute as usual) to take part in the 'Design a hat for Stephen Jones' competition at
I re-steamed an old felt hat (bought ages ago in a charity shop in Duncerque, France, used loads during the dunst days) on a model of my own head, cut the edge and trimmed it in black latex binding. I'm really into insects at the moment, so I made a big bug to go on top. The body is basically a bladder made of sections of semi-transparent black and regular black latex sheeting. The wings are layers of green and yellow acetate, sewn into layers of black tulle. Legs are drawn and appliqu├ęd on with a mix of black liquid latex and latex trim. I set a rule for myself for this last minute effort, to only use materials and tools that I already had in my workshop, as I needed to make use of some of those things that are just lying around instead of keeping buying and storing.
In retrospect, it is quite a Spiderman-esque result, and some would argue, more a mask than a hat, but let's see what Mr Jones himself says when the winner is announced on August 26th. I'm up against hundreds of talented designers and makers from all over the world, including a couple of friends. Winner gets his piece exhibited in NYC and pictured in VOGUE, plus a two week internship at Stephen Jones' workshop in London. I would love that! Exciting!

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