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Thom Ravnholdt is a costume designer and maker, pattern cutter, and a multi-skilled creative working in many media.

27 November 2011

Ashley Ryder Rubber Suit - QX

This week, the lovely Ashley Ryder is on the cover of QX Magazine wearing a rubber suit made by me:

12 November 2011

NOMIO Article On Me

There's an article about me on online blog magazine NOMIO - Nothing Of Me Is Original. Read it here:

24 September 2011

Leigh de Vries 'Strange' Video

Here's some behind the scenes teaser pics from the brilliant Leigh de Vries' music video shoot for the song 'Strange'. It was shot over one weekend, and will be ready to launch later this year. I made a dress for one of the scenes, inspired by a crow. It's a basic fitted, long sleeve dress, with elements in tulle, plus a big back- and shoulder piece in foam and human hair. Stills by Lance Roehrig and myself:

Directed by: Tal Rosner and Lance Roehrig
Minion's Costumes: Ismail Erbil
Stylist: Victor Velvet

1 September 2011

Stephen Jones Hat Update

The winner has now been announced in the Design A Hat For Stephen Jones Competition, and I was not her. Nor was I one of the three runners-up for that matter, but hey, that's life and reality for a struggling designer. I do need to get rid of this one-off piece however, and I want to see it put to good use, in a way that will do it justice in terms of styling. If you, or anyone you know can use it for a photo shoot, music video shoot, performance or accessory for a fashion show, do let me know. I will give it away to whoever will guarantee to use it, all I want in return is some good snaps and a credit. Let me know via my FaceBook link.

25 August 2011

A Little Costume History

A selection of costumes from various shows and performances back in the day, worn and made by myself.

20 August 2011

Villain Looks

Me and Fil OK used to have a band called Villain, melodic electro drama punk would best describe the sound, here's some of our looks from our performances and promotion shoots:

15 August 2011

'Design A Hat For Stephen Jones' Competition

I decided (very last minute as usual) to take part in the 'Design a hat for Stephen Jones' competition at
I re-steamed an old felt hat (bought ages ago in a charity shop in Duncerque, France, used loads during the dunst days) on a model of my own head, cut the edge and trimmed it in black latex binding. I'm really into insects at the moment, so I made a big bug to go on top. The body is basically a bladder made of sections of semi-transparent black and regular black latex sheeting. The wings are layers of green and yellow acetate, sewn into layers of black tulle. Legs are drawn and appliquéd on with a mix of black liquid latex and latex trim. I set a rule for myself for this last minute effort, to only use materials and tools that I already had in my workshop, as I needed to make use of some of those things that are just lying around instead of keeping buying and storing.
In retrospect, it is quite a Spiderman-esque result, and some would argue, more a mask than a hat, but let's see what Mr Jones himself says when the winner is announced on August 26th. I'm up against hundreds of talented designers and makers from all over the world, including a couple of friends. Winner gets his piece exhibited in NYC and pictured in VOGUE, plus a two week internship at Stephen Jones' workshop in London. I would love that! Exciting!

22 July 2011

...And Some Gold Again

My favorite Golden Wonder, aka DJ Sqeaky, seems to get papped everywhere wearing my golden gear. Here's a few more from the NYC Downlow stage at Lovebox, one on the balcony stage, photographed by Darrell Berry, one backstage, from VICE Style online:

28 June 2011

More Gold For David

Last year around this time, I made a pair of gold sequinned chaps and a matching jockstrap for my friend David, aka DJ Sqeaky. This year the ensemble was updated with an added waistcoat in the same material. There's no official photos yet, but David did manage to get snapped wearing it at Gutterslut last week, here's the evidence in this week's QX:

25 June 2011

Invisible Alteration for Thomas Adés

Internationally acclaimed composer and conductor Thomas Adés came to me for help with an interesting and unusual request. Due to the very physical act of conducting an orchestra, he always gets very hot during his concerts, especially when he has to wear the classic tail-coat and shirt combo. I was given two jackets and two shirts to alter.
At first I removed the sleeves from the shirts and made them into short sleeves. I then trimmed the cuffs from the cut-off sleeves, and added press studs to them, and sewed the opposite snap half in the lining of the jacket sleeves.
When Tom is wearing the jackets, it looks as if he is wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath, due to the right amount of shirt cuff sticking out of the jacket sleeve. And he is able to remove the cuffs easily when they need dry cleaning.
Tom tried it out recently at a concert in Amsterdam, and gave me very positive feedback, it kept him just that couple of degrees cooler, so it was a big success. (Above pic found via Google. Tail-coat photo to follow.)

11 May 2011

Furry Costume 4 Jonny Slut

Jonny Slut off Atomizer and Specimen asked me to make him a corset using both rubber and fur. So I made him this piece, in heavy latex rubber with metal boning, shoulder panels and collar in hand cut fake fur with hair extensions in natural hair, and lined in black cotton. These pics are taken with my snap-shot camera, not the best in the world, but you get the idea. Also, in these pics, the corset is neither polished, styled nor laced, but I will post some pics of Jonny wearing it soon .

1 May 2011

Fil OK's New Shirt

Here's some proper pics of the black frilly shirt I made for Fil OK.

22 April 2011

BIG Shoulders, BIG Frills

Here's another shirt I made for Fil OK. This is Jason wearing it, will upload proper pics of Fil wearing it ASAP.

24 February 2011

Rubber Corset Vest

Rubber corset vest. Private commission.

20 January 2011

Søren's Hats Again - Elle

The suits and hoods I made for Søren Bach's hat collection about a year ago have now featured - together with Søren's hats - as the main styling element in a beauty/make-up editorial in Danish Elle, January 2011 issue. I still think that fur and latex is a hot combination! All photos by Mattias Edwall, make-up by Sine Ginsborg.

13 January 2011

Burlesque Costume For Christian

At the end of November 2010, I was imported to Copenhagen to make a costume for my friend Christian's Burlesque Festival, which he was also hosting as 'The Gentleman'.
I posted sketches of my ideas before I started the project (see October 2010 post), and Christian and I agreed that I made a sleeveless, short legged 'play suit', with a very deep cut, and a pair of seamed stockings. He also gave me a vintage top hat to cover in rubber. I only had a day and a half to make it, from pattern, made from scratch, to finished product. The result is cute, sexy and stylish. All photos by Clare Farrell.