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12 August 2010

Inflatable Hood For Empress Stah

I made this rubber hood for the wonderful performance- and trapeze artist Empress Stah, for a performance she did at this years KERRANG! Awards. Her show was all about plastic surgery and body image, and the character was a nurse with a heavily worked-on face. So I did this rubber hood with inflatable lips and cheek bones. Stah can inflate it herself by mouth with a rubber tube concealed at the corner of the mouth, that can be hidden away under the lower lip. The eyes are really exaggeratedly slanted to give it that Joan Rivers face-lifted look.
The dress is the 'U' Minidress by Torture Garden for House of Harlot.


  1. you are a sad cunt get a life

  2. gnarly, to the max

  3. have to say i love this hood, really bizarre and interesting,

    how do i go about getting one similar ?