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30 April 2010

Hand Joy @ C4RD

This Wednesday, April 28th, was the opening reception for Hand Joy at Centre For Recent Drawing (C4RD) in Islington, and it was a major success, with lots of people showing up. The weather was amazing, a lovely spring evening with loads of good energy, air-kisses, networking and cheap red wine. I was so all over the place myself that I almost forgot to take pictures, but Corinna Spencer took some, and I took a few on the day I installed my sculptures.

The exhibition is open until Friday the 28th of May, opening times are Wednesday to Friday, 12 - 6 pm, 2 - 4 Highbury Station Road, Highbury Islington, London N1 1SB, +44 (0) 2039 6936.
One of my new sculptures called 'Planet With Many Orifices' (on my bed before installation at the gallery). I have lit it from behind so that the internal structure is visible too. Every orifice leads to and meet in a smaller planet at the core of the sphere.
Same piece, front lit, and close up of an orifice
'Rosebud' hanging
'Rosebud' and 'Brown Baby' on the floor, prior to installation.
Installation view of 'Planet...' hanging, with Maxime Angel's collage/drawings behind.

A piece originally from my degree show, previously untitled, now titled 'Queer Self & Fish'.
Installation view.
Hand Joy's curator Paul Kindersley holding a map of how to find the pub for the after party.

More pics from the exhibition here.
And don't forget the launch party for the 2nd volume of Zine For Recent Drawing: Box Of Desires, featuring original artworks by the Hand Joy artists. The zine is a limited edition of 20, presented in an A4 box. This takes place on Wednesday the 19th of May, also at C4RD, from 6 - 8 pm.

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