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Thom Ravnholdt is a costume designer and maker, pattern cutter, and a multi-skilled creative working in many media.

16 February 2010

Bottle Cover / Rubber Rose

I also made a little present for Søren, to say congratulations with a successful show. This bottle cover with a bottle of red wine inside. It has a concealed zip at the back, just like the suits from the show. I put a rose on it to reflect the roses in Søren's hats. His initial idea was that all the cat suits would be covered in flowers too, I'm so glad he didn't because just this one took hours!

14 February 2010

Søren Bach - The Show!

So, Tuesday I went to Copenhagen to help Søren with the last preparations for his show Wednesday the 10th of Feb.
His hats are amazing! This new collection is so beautiful and romantic, and extremely professionally made.
I arrived in the afternoon, and we went straight to work. While Søren finished his pieces, I made rubber covers for all the models footwear, and helped Søren find ways of attaching his things to my rubber suits.
Wednesday the show was on at Copenhagen's Town Hall's beautiful main hall, and it went really well. We had to literally bathe the models in talcum powder in order for them to get in to the suits, and gloss them up afterwards with silicone spray. This mixture made the stone floor backstage ridiculously slippery, and my biggest fear was that one or more of the girls would fall over on the catwalk and snap their ankles, but luckily no-one did.
The show was a major success, it was Søren plus 10 other designers, each with 5-6 entries each, Søren's was first, and I thought it was the best and most remarkable. Only a few others were 'showy', the rest was quite boring to be frank.
Personally, I was very pleased with my own rubber work, all suits and accessories fit the models perfectly, they had the desired sprayed-on look that Søren had requested, and he too was very pleased with the final result of our work combined.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.

8 February 2010

Article in Out&About

This month (February 2010) I am gracing the cover of the Danish gay monthly mag Out&About. There's also an article about me inside the magazine about what I do.
Oh, I love seeing myself in print!

2 February 2010

Bow Tie & Braces For Jeffrey

My friend Jeffrey asked me to make a pair of skinny rubber braces for him and a classic tie-it-yourself bow tie for his boyfriend. So I did.
The braces are black with white pin stripes, adjustable and with clips. The bow tie is double layered in black and metallic pewter, also adjustable with snaps at the back. I hope he likes it!