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20 January 2010

Quick Update / Project With Søren Bach

It's been very quiet here on my blog for ages, I know. I have been so busy at my day job, and I am currently taking on a lot of made-to-measure work for private customers, rubber gear mainly.
A project that takes most of my spare time at the moment, and one that I am very excited to work on, is a collaboration with the Danish milliner and Royal College graduate, Søren Bach. He is preparing his new collection of hats to be shown at the Copenhagen Fashion Week, and he has asked me to dress the models in made-to-measure rubber outfits. So I am currently working on cat suits, hoods, gloves and footwear for this project.
Søren's work is amazing, I have immense admiration for his skill and sense of detail, and I am constantly inspired by his creativity. His colourful and cartoonish creations have been worn by Björk, Grace Jones, and Joan Collins to name a few. This new collection is darker and more dramatic and romantic than the last one, perfect for winter.
The show is on February 10th. More to follow.

A shot from our last model fitting

Björk in a Søren Bach hat

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