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8 October 2009

Burton Bubble / Harper's Bazaar

Here's an inflatable costume I made for a story in US Harper's Bazaar (October issue 2009) about the film director and artist Tim Burton. It is not an article as such, but a fashion shoot featuring Burton himself modeling some of the clothes, intended as a teaser for his upcoming retrospective at MoMA in New York.
A lot of the looks are based on Burton's own drawings and characters from his films. I'm not sure if the girl inside the bubble featured in a film or any of his books, but I was given one of his drawings for inspiration:

Copy of original sketch by Tim Burton

It was quite a challenge to make, as this was in PVC/plastic, and I am used to working in latex rubber. I did however have to put latex cuffs on the neck and thigh openings for the bubble to be as air tight as possible, so another challenge was to find a gluing method for bonding PVC to rubber. It took me many sweaty hours to work it out, but this is the result, and I think it works really well.
Styling by Jacob K, photos by Tim walker.

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