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19 September 2009

Miss Fish 'Beauty Regime' music video

Miss Fish, pic by me, make-up by Hairwerk

My dear friend, colleague and mentor Miss Fish asked me to direct a music video for his queer punk anthem 'The Beauty Regime'.

Fish and I go back to the dunst days, where we performed, and made music and art together. I was at the end of my first year at Chelsea, and I took the challenge of making the video for my end-of-year project.
Most of the tiny budget was used for my air fare between London and Copenhagen, and to get the camera woman freighted to and from Berlin (the German film maker Julia Ostertag who shot most of the footage). The actual finished video materialized as a beautiful mix of favors, goodwill and hard work, an example of enthusiastic collaboration between ultra-creative friends.

The first video below is my initial storyboard made in iMovie. It's a very basic A-to-B narrative, a small Odyssey, in which Fish leaves her flat to go to play a gig. The city is dark, Fish is paranoid, and may/may not be followed by a gang of evil muggers. She travels through a labyrinthine cityscape of alleyways, tunnels and trapdoors, until she ends up in the lab of a crazy professor/stylist/magician. After the mad professor has given Fish a make-over from a dark, gothy look, to a white angelic punk-diva look, Fish walks through a curtain, and is suddenly on a stage, the waiting audience goes mad, and Fish sings the rest of the song live.
The storyboard is merely a couple of drawings, small animations and the track, edited together to give the artist and the rest of the crew an idea of my vision.

The video below is the finished work, the edition (one of a few) that was nominated in the category of Best Music Video at Hollywood DV Video Festival, April 2007.
Full credits of cast and crew are at the end of the video.

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