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18 September 2009

Inflatable Rubber Sculptures / I'm a Chelsea Boy

In summer 2008 I graduated from Chelsea College of Art And Design, where I studied a 3 year Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art.
I did many interesting projects during my time at Chelsea, but these pics are from my degree show exhibition.
I decided to make a series of inflatable rubber sculptures, so I applied to Clothing in Shoreditch for work experience, to learn how to work with latex sheeting, and the various glues and seaming techniques.

I could write a long academic rant about what these pieces represent, but in short, at my last two years at Chelsea, I was obsessed with the mythological meeting between the 'Cyborg' (constructed human/humanoid), and the 'Queer Individual' (trans-genders, intricate DIY sexualities, constructed bodies), and how they relate to each other in a queer political, feminist theoretic and art historical discourse.
For me, my pneumatic latex structures represent some of the dualisms that the Cyborg and the Queer also embody; strength/fragility, natural/man-made, nature/culture, sexuality/innocence, aesthetic beauty/abject repulsion, and so on.
I hope you like the pictures.

I still work at today, it's really great having a job where I can use my hands and my creative skills. I have also been known to apply my rubber making skills to made-to-measure fetish clothing and theatrical costumes, again, contact me if you would like to know more.

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