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13 September 2009

In This Shirt / The Forgotten Circus

MJW Productions©, 2008

Here's another video I did with award winning director Shelly Love. The original video is called 'The Forgotten Circus' and is 20 minutes long. The music is by The Irrepressibles, and this version is edited down to a shorter music video (first version) for their song 'In This Shirt'. The song and DVD are both on The Irrepressibles' EP 'From The Circus To The Sea', the cover of which also features a still from the video.
The video features actor Gerard Bell and students from The Circus Space in Shoreditch, where the video was also filmed.
I designed and did the make-up with my assistants Alex Clout, Caryn Hablutzel and Vikki Lawson. Ashley Emmanuel Henn and assistants did the hair, Oliver Carcia and assistants on wardrobe, many of the costumes featuring metal headpieces by Manuel Albarran.

Original work sketches by me, stills by Sofia Schorr-Kon and me.

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