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Thom Ravnholdt is a costume designer and maker, pattern cutter, and a multi-skilled creative working in many media.

12 November 2009

MoonSpoon Saloon at Victoria Miro

 In May 2009, I did the make-up for a fashion show at Victoria Miro gallery in London for the Danish brand MoonSpoon Saloon. The show was a beautiful spectacle of catwalk show and live music and dance by the amazing American group We Are The World. The 'White Crane Collection' has strong Oriental influences, and I was given traditional Chinese opera masks as inspiration for the make-up, bold graphic colors and dramatic shapes.  
 Here are some pictures and videos from the show:

8 October 2009

Burton Bubble / Harper's Bazaar

Here's an inflatable costume I made for a story in US Harper's Bazaar (October issue 2009) about the film director and artist Tim Burton. It is not an article as such, but a fashion shoot featuring Burton himself modeling some of the clothes, intended as a teaser for his upcoming retrospective at MoMA in New York.
A lot of the looks are based on Burton's own drawings and characters from his films. I'm not sure if the girl inside the bubble featured in a film or any of his books, but I was given one of his drawings for inspiration:

Copy of original sketch by Tim Burton

It was quite a challenge to make, as this was in PVC/plastic, and I am used to working in latex rubber. I did however have to put latex cuffs on the neck and thigh openings for the bubble to be as air tight as possible, so another challenge was to find a gluing method for bonding PVC to rubber. It took me many sweaty hours to work it out, but this is the result, and I think it works really well.
Styling by Jacob K, photos by Tim walker.

4 October 2009

Freaky Eyeball Illusions

 A while ago, I was approached by a guy from Marvin's Magic, one of the world's leading magic toy companies. They were developing the 'Freaky Eyeball Illusions' kit, and needed some custom made eyeballs for promotion, demonstrations and product development.
 So I made a batch of eyeballs in various freaky colours: 

 A totally random project for me, but it's this kind of weird stuff i love doing. 
 Freaky Eyeball Illusions is available from Marvin's Magic and well assorted toy stores now. 

19 September 2009

Miss Fish 'Beauty Regime' music video

Miss Fish, pic by me, make-up by Hairwerk

My dear friend, colleague and mentor Miss Fish asked me to direct a music video for his queer punk anthem 'The Beauty Regime'.

Fish and I go back to the dunst days, where we performed, and made music and art together. I was at the end of my first year at Chelsea, and I took the challenge of making the video for my end-of-year project.
Most of the tiny budget was used for my air fare between London and Copenhagen, and to get the camera woman freighted to and from Berlin (the German film maker Julia Ostertag who shot most of the footage). The actual finished video materialized as a beautiful mix of favors, goodwill and hard work, an example of enthusiastic collaboration between ultra-creative friends.

The first video below is my initial storyboard made in iMovie. It's a very basic A-to-B narrative, a small Odyssey, in which Fish leaves her flat to go to play a gig. The city is dark, Fish is paranoid, and may/may not be followed by a gang of evil muggers. She travels through a labyrinthine cityscape of alleyways, tunnels and trapdoors, until she ends up in the lab of a crazy professor/stylist/magician. After the mad professor has given Fish a make-over from a dark, gothy look, to a white angelic punk-diva look, Fish walks through a curtain, and is suddenly on a stage, the waiting audience goes mad, and Fish sings the rest of the song live.
The storyboard is merely a couple of drawings, small animations and the track, edited together to give the artist and the rest of the crew an idea of my vision.

The video below is the finished work, the edition (one of a few) that was nominated in the category of Best Music Video at Hollywood DV Video Festival, April 2007.
Full credits of cast and crew are at the end of the video.

18 September 2009

Inflatable Rubber Sculptures / I'm a Chelsea Boy

In summer 2008 I graduated from Chelsea College of Art And Design, where I studied a 3 year Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art.
I did many interesting projects during my time at Chelsea, but these pics are from my degree show exhibition.
I decided to make a series of inflatable rubber sculptures, so I applied to Clothing in Shoreditch for work experience, to learn how to work with latex sheeting, and the various glues and seaming techniques.

I could write a long academic rant about what these pieces represent, but in short, at my last two years at Chelsea, I was obsessed with the mythological meeting between the 'Cyborg' (constructed human/humanoid), and the 'Queer Individual' (trans-genders, intricate DIY sexualities, constructed bodies), and how they relate to each other in a queer political, feminist theoretic and art historical discourse.
For me, my pneumatic latex structures represent some of the dualisms that the Cyborg and the Queer also embody; strength/fragility, natural/man-made, nature/culture, sexuality/innocence, aesthetic beauty/abject repulsion, and so on.
I hope you like the pictures.

I still work at today, it's really great having a job where I can use my hands and my creative skills. I have also been known to apply my rubber making skills to made-to-measure fetish clothing and theatrical costumes, again, contact me if you would like to know more.

13 September 2009

In This Shirt / The Forgotten Circus

MJW Productions©, 2008

Here's another video I did with award winning director Shelly Love. The original video is called 'The Forgotten Circus' and is 20 minutes long. The music is by The Irrepressibles, and this version is edited down to a shorter music video (first version) for their song 'In This Shirt'. The song and DVD are both on The Irrepressibles' EP 'From The Circus To The Sea', the cover of which also features a still from the video.
The video features actor Gerard Bell and students from The Circus Space in Shoreditch, where the video was also filmed.
I designed and did the make-up with my assistants Alex Clout, Caryn Hablutzel and Vikki Lawson. Ashley Emmanuel Henn and assistants did the hair, Oliver Carcia and assistants on wardrobe, many of the costumes featuring metal headpieces by Manuel Albarran.

Original work sketches by me, stills by Sofia Schorr-Kon and me.

12 September 2009

Wonderland photo shoot

A while ago I was asked to do make-up on a photo shoot at the Ministry Of Sound club in London. The pics were to be used for promotion and flyers for Fouad Bousnani's club Wonderland. The girls had to look like drag queens, an easy task for me :-) The costumes were beautiful, and the girls gorgeous. I have yet to see the finished material, but here's a couple of snaps from behind the scenes:
All pics by Yasmín Björnsdóttir

11 September 2009

The Skull Dress

Pic by Eoin Whelan©

 This is another dress I made for Kelli Jean Drinkwater, Haloween 2007, I think it was. It was commissioned by DJ and promoter Buster Bennett (Nuke Them All, YrMum&YaDad, Antisocial etc) for a Halloween party flyer. I'm not sure the flyer ever materialized, but Kelli Jean wore the skull dress for several parties and club appearances and performances.
Here are a couple of pics by me and Eoin Whelan, plus a couple of my work sketches. 
 I love, in the top pic, the juxtaposition between the 'ideal' Triumph-model in the billboard, and Kelli Jean who is a plus size model.

DIVA Magazine

Yesterday, the new issue of DIVA magazine hit the shops. My two fat & fabulous girlfriends Kelli Jean Drinkwater and Bea Sweet posed on the front cover, Kelli Jean is sporting a girdle/corset that is made-to-measure by me.
Inside the mag there's a 6-page fashion spread, also with Bea and Kelli, and there's an interview with Kelli about fat chicks, fashion and sex.
Bea Sweet who is an incredibly skilled make-up artist, and who also did the make-up for the shoot, gives cruelty-free beauty tips.
'The Fat Issue' is out now.

10 September 2009

Tommy Sparks 'Miracle' Music Video

Here's a music video I did the make-up for, it's Tommy Sparks and the track is 'Miracle'. Directed by the very talented Shelly Love, costumes by Oliver Garcia, and Caryn Hablutzel assisting me. That forrest was so cold in the middle of the night!

9 September 2009

The dunst Years

In the early to mid noughties, I was part of the notorious and infamous Copenhagen based dunst collective (it is spelled with a lower-case d, and yes, it means 'really fuckin bad smell' in Danish).
dunst was (and to some degree still is) an art collective, compiled of a performance group, a dj group, a film group, and so on.

dunst started as a counter movement to Copenhagen's increasingly rigid and conformist gay community, dunst brought the real meaning of the word 'Queer' to Copenhagen. The performance group in particular made a name for itself, and the notoriously debauched dunst parties turned Copenhagens boring nightlife upside down. We did shows everywhere from the dirtiest of nightclubs to intellectual university lectures on gender studies, from the smelliest squats in Berlin and Amsterdam, to Danish National TV and at one point our own TV show.

Throughout Europe and Scandinavia, we spread our grime and glitter, leaving audiences flabbergasted and confused as to what they were witnessing. Every performer made their own original music, and we performed our shows as big visual plays with narratives and drama supporting the tracks.

No taboos were too dark or embarrassing, our live shows often contained piss, penetration, cat fights, vomiting, drug taking, food and masturbation - and worse. Underneath the make-up and costumes, everything was hyper real!

Getting into art college in London in 2004, I moved to London and thus left the dunst guys behind too. For further information on what they get up to, and for loads more pictures, videos and history, visit
All pics are of me and friends, all my own make-up and costumes.

7 August 2009

Ladyhawke 'Magic' music video

Here's another music video I did the make-up and hair for. It's for the single 'Magic' by Ladyhawke (Pip Brown).

©Island Records 2009

It features artwork by Sarah Larnach, who also did the artwork for Ladyhawke's 'My Delirium' video and the album sleeve, plus the new special edition 'Music Inspired Art labels' on Beck's beer bottles. I'd give my beauty-box for my own beer label!
'Magic' also features costumes by Oliver Garcia & Russell Harris. I think it turned out really well.